Sideshow, 2019

In Sideshow a series of disguised figures, including a geisha, a clown, bird people and an illusionist with big hands, appear and disappear against an abstract backdrop with multicoloured light. In the cinematic images, recorded in stop-motion with various performers, Ana Torfs returns to a few old favourites: theatre, silent film, masquerade, puppet theatre, butoh, circus, and cabaret. The parade is at once macabre, moving, terrifying and comical.

HD projection (16:9), stop motion photography, custom-made screen, colour, silent, 39’, loop, dimensions variable

With Anneleen Keppens, Kayoko Minami, Gustavo Miranda, Jurgen Persijn and Jaklien Torfs-Onzia

Produced by vzw NN with the support of the Flemish authorities