Echo's Bones/Were Turned to Stone, 2020

In the installation Echo’s Bones/Were Turned to Stone you lie with headphones on a hand-knotted carpet designed by the artist.
Punished by the goddess Juno, the loquacious nymph Echo can now only repeat what other people say. Lonely and abandoned, she dies in a cave. Her bones turn to stone, but her voice lives on and doubles every sound.
In Echo’s Bones/Were Turned to Stone you hear a female character who seems to by trying to organize her thoughts into an anaphoric chain of endless associations, references and facts. She is fascinated by dead artists, writers, actors, singers, film directors and composers. Her countless enumerations alternate with sighs and groans, which then turn into factual descriptions of the functioning of the human body or the condition of the planet. As long as she speaks, she exists.

hand knotted carpet, 90 × 270 cm;
sound piece, English spoken, headphones, 210 minutes, at random loop
with the voice of Caroline Daish

the sound piece was produced with the support of the Flemish authorities
special thanks to vzw NN, executive producer