The Shadow Is Black and in the Darkness It Can't Show, 2019

In a dark room, an almost invisible figure tries — in vain — to breathe life into a doll. The contrast between the beautiful face of the woman and the marionette-like sticks of her legs and feet is striking. The doll’s face is modelled on the death mask of the so-called Inconnue de la Seine, a young woman who drowned in the river Seine in Paris, and whose beautiful face miraculously remained intact. For more than 50 years already, she is the model for ‘Resusci Anne’, a doll used to teach resuscitation techniques.This work forms a diptych with When You Whistle, It Makes Air Come Out, shown on the rear side of the same freestanding screen.

HD-projection (16:9), stop-motion photography, custom-made screen on a tripod, colour, silent, 6’32”, loop, dimensions variable