The Shadow Is Black and in the Darkness It Can't Show, 2019

In a dark room, an almost invisible figure tries — in vain — to breathe life into a doll. The contrast between the lifelike face of the woman and the marionette-like sticks of her legs and feet is striking. The doll’s face is modelled on the death mask of the so-called Inconnue de la Seine, a young woman who drowned in the river Seine in Paris, and whose beautiful face miraculously remained intact. For more than fifty years already, it is the model for ‘Resusci Anne’, a doll used to teach resuscitation techniques.

HD-projection (16:9), stop-motion photography, custom-made wooden screen on a tripod, colour, silent, 6’32”, loop (in a dyptich with When You Whistle It Makes Air Come Out)
This work is part of a diptych with When You Whistle, It Makes Air Come Out, on the rear side of the same freestanding screen.

Produced by vzw NN

This work is part of the collection of:
Museum M, Leuven (BE)